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What do you do when reporters come knocking on the door because there’s been a disaster at your firm? Do you just slam the door and say nothing or do you say “no comment”? Do you hand out a written statement or agree to interviews or call a press conference?

Get it wrong when dealing with the media and the consequences can be disastrous. Get it right and you save your reputation.

And what about a positive story? How do you get that in the media? Get it wrong and you miss the chance to promote your organisation and get your key messages across.

Get it right and you can boost your profile and enhance your reputation. And when you are interviewed for TV or radio – what do you say? Where do you do the interview? How do you dress? Knowing how to deal with the media is vital for any organisation.

Media interview practice

We can help you deal with the media because we understand the media. All our trainers are former journalists, who have worked for organisations like the BBC, Sky and ITV.

All of the training is tailor-made and, as well as being experienced journalists, all our trainers are highly experienced trainers. This means they understand how people learn best in the training environment and they use the best L&D practices to help embed learning.

By looking at how the media works, practising difficult interviews and learning how to make the most of positive news, we can help protect and enhance the reputation of your organisation. Read our case studies to see how we have helped others with media training.

Please contact Kate on 01709 430491 or [email protected] for more details and to arrange your session today.

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