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What others say

About Leaders in Heels

Airmaster Air Conditioning Ltd

“The Phenomenal Woman Planner is great at helping you to focus and help you goal setting.

Working through the ‘decades’ at the beginning of the ‘Write your own story’ journal was quite cathartic. It highlighted some ‘themes’ and really helped me start working on my own story.”

Lisa Pogson, Managing Director and Former President of Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

Julia Gash Enterprises Ltd

“The Leaders in Heels stationery is a stylish range of notebooks, diaries and planners that contain inspirational quotes that lift your spirit and support your soul. The small but meaningful statements in the Make Your Mark notebook reminds me of why I strive for success and has helped me to stop and reflect on what I’ve already achieved. It’s my new business buddy and has earned a permanent place on my desk and in my handbag!”

Julia Gash, Director

The Smart Station

“Beautiful stationery with added ‘feel-good’. The encouraging words on each page avoid being too patronising or cheesy, but serve as a subliminal ‘prod’ to push a little harder, get a little more out of what you do. A pleasure to use.”

Gaynor Carr, Owner - Senior Graphic Designer

BMPCA (British Manufacturing Plant Constructors Association)

“Love the clear way the book is constructed. Really assists in ensuring I stay focussed on my objectives. The look and feel of the Leaders in Heels book is pure quality.”

Elizabeth Bonfield, Director

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“The Make your Mark Journal is a thought provoking self-coaching journal, it’s focussed my attention on making the right changes to help me achieve my goals.

It’s a pleasure to use, looks and feels very high quality and is full of inspirational quotes as well as personal development exercises. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about achieving their life goals.”

Victoria Clarke-Brown CDir, Non-Executive Director

networx Recruitment

Having purchased my Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Women Planner from Jackie a few months back, the diary and I have been inseparable. As a marketer, visual and functional need to combine and as lover of beautifully crafted stationery, the planner was a clear winner. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and I receive comments wherever I go, it is a valuable business and life planning tool.  I’ve used my diary to help me categorise my creative thoughts and ideas into strategic actions, setting realistic goals. The planner encourages reflection and asks questions to keep you aligned with your ambitions and goals. I’d highly recommend Leaders in Heels to visually and strategically inspire your next business and life steps, using thorough planning and reflection. This is more than just a diary, this is the path to being a leader in heels.

Jessica Dodds, Head of Marketing and Vice Chair CIM Yorkshire