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Crisis Comms Training

Be prepared. It is a saying worth taking note of.

Be Prepared

It is a saying worth taking note of

It is much better to be ready for a crisis, rather than trying to work out what to do when everything is going wrong.

Reputation management is a long-term necessity, not something to make up in the heat of a crisis.

We can work with you to be ready for if the unthinkable should ever happen. Every organisation, big or small is vulnerable to a crisis. And it really is much better to have a plan in place beforehand.

But what elements do you need in a Crisis Communications Plan?

Who are your spokespeople?

What should they say?

Should you run a press conference? And if so – how, where and when?

How do you cope with criticism on social media?

What do you say to staff?

Even the really simple stuff, like what is the password for the corporate Twitter account and how do you get hold of the CEO when she is on holiday can trip you up if you haven’t thought it through before. So you need to practise before and work out how to prepare.

We can offer tailor-made training in preparing for a crisis. It may never happen, but remember Murphy’s Law? It probably will….

Kate Betts is a trainer at a national level in crisis communications, working with both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Cabinet Office-approved Emergency Planning College, where she designs and runs courses on crisis communications.

And what if you haven’t prepared? Well, we can still help you deal with a crisis even when everything seems to be falling apart and the press are on the doorstep.

Please contact us for more information about crisis communications.