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Leaders in Heels

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Leaders in Heels content, stationery, ebooks and events are inspired by our Manifesto – a set of ideas and traits exemplified by the dynamic and successful women in the Leaders in Heels’ community. Through our work we strive to encourage women to follow their passion, be creative and innovative in their lives, feel confident and determined in their endeavours and to maintain a kind heart on the path to success.

Kasia Gospos, Founder and Publisher of Leaders in Heels

“I created the Leaders in Heels Manifesto to bring to life the main qualities that make YOU a Leader in Heels successful and good at what you do in your daily life – moving up the corporate ladder, turning passion to profit and empowering other women to also reach their potential.”

Leaders in Heels are extraordinary women

Leaders in Heels are passionate

We are energetic and curious. We love life and actively craft it to create happiness and reach our dreams

Leaders in Heels are creative

We celebrate individuality. We are the change agents. The trailblazers. We have a desire to advance culture and create a new reality

Leaders in Heels are innovative

We embrace technology and a new way of thinking to create, connect and push society forward. We are shaping the way we live, work and play

Leaders in Heels are confident

We know who we are. We’re not afraid to be ourselves. We don’t follow trends; we create them

Leaders in Heels are determined

We are focused and persistent. We push through fears to make our dreams reality. Failure is just a pathway to success

Leaders in Heels are kind

We are ambitious and driven and we use our power to empower others. Together we can shake the world

Make your mark

Be a Leader in Heels


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To learn more about the inspiration behind the Leaders in Heels Manifesto and commentary on the 6 traits of successful female leaders by Kasia Gospos, founder and publisher of Leaders in Heels in her interview with Sally Miles, the Women’s Editor at Leaders in Heels.