Essentials Planner Stickers and Tabs


Keep your planner clear, organised and categorised with the stylish Leaders in Heels stickers and tabs set. These will take your planning to the next level!

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The Essentials Planner Stickers and Tabs set will help you to get the most out of your Leaders in Heels planner. Use them to organise, style and personalise your planner, either from our suggestions or the blank sheet to create your own. These stickers will keep you on top of your time, appointments and deadlines whilst also serving as a reminder of important time for yourself.


  • Includes 3 sheets of stickers with gloss finish and gold foil
  • Designed to fit into the Leaders in Heels 12-month planners
  • Includes:
    • Double-sided tabs to quickly get around
    • Stickers with month’s names for Monthly Planner/Month in Review pages
    • 52 stickers with traits of female leaders to add to your weekly pages as inspiration for the week
    • Stickers to mark important events, deadlines etc in your calendar: birthdays, anniversary, don’t forget, remember, urgent, important, done, milestone achieved
    • Stickers to help you schedule in important days to recharge: self-care day, creativity day, relax, me time

Please note:

Our tabs are made from the same material as stickers which can fold/curl over time.
Our luxe planners have a belt strap closure that may interfere when closing over the top of tabs. To avoid damaging your tabs we do not recommend adding any directly beneath the belt area.