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Month: September 2017

Marketing yourself

In an increasingly competitive job market how do you make yourself stand out to your future employer?

There are several marketing techniques that you can apply just as equally to marketing a company or a product that can be used to promote you and your skills.

A few thoughts on researching your chosen career:

  • Read books on theory and practice to top up your knowledge or research a change of role
  • Look at relevant professional bodies, membership of a professional body shows commitment to your career and continuous professional development, they also hold a lot of information to help you in your career and hold regular networking events
  • Find out what are the recognised qualifications for that job role
  • Get a subscription to online and print trade magazines so you are up to date with what is happening
  • Book to go to networking events that the types of businesses you want to work for will be attending
  • Research job vacancies, look at job specs what are employers looking for in skills and qualifications, identify the gaps in your knowledge and work out how you can fill them
  • Think about volunteering, committees for relevant charities/organisations to gain experience

Showcasing your talent, making yourself stand out:

  • CV, bring your relevant experience and qualifications to the front
  • CV, format of the document, make it easy to read but maybe style the document to suit your ideal job so event programme for event management, set of accounts for accountant, marketing brochure, legal document, engineering drawing etc
  • Testimonials and references from former employers and colleagues to highlight the skills needed in that job role, get a to whom it may concern letter so you have it to show your future employer or client
  • Develop a portfolio of examples of work that you have done, to write case studies remember what was the problem, how did you solve it, what was the outcome, quote from the person you did the work for, pictures to break up the text
  • Use of video, particularly for more creative careers or where people skills and personality is important make a little video to use on your LinkedIn profile or send a dvd/usb stick to your prospective employer with your cv and portfolio

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